Happy New Year Mamers !

Release new hiscore.dat for mame v0.181


Release new hiscore.dat for mame v0.180


Release new hiscore.dat for mame v0.179


Release new hiscore.dat for mame v0.178


Release new hiscore.dat with a few new additions in mame v0.177

it includes few fixes.


Release new hiscore.dat with a few new additions in mame v0.176.


Released new hiscore.dat using the new format that is supported in the official mame using the hiscore plugin. Please note as from now the older pre July 2016 hiscore.dat files will not work with any mame files older than mame v0174 (25 may 2016).


Released new hiscore.dat, either compile your own with hiscore.dat support or use an unofficial mame that supports it like mameplus etc...



Released another hiscore.dat file. up to date with mame 0.158 now !


Released a new hiscore.dat with many clones and new mame 0.154 games added,this .dat also fixes many errors within the old .dat file,thanks to Pierre Monnot and his exellent utility. http://greatstone.free.fr/hi2txt/hi2txt.html



Released another hiscore.dat file - lots of additions and fixes,including the latest cave shooters.


Released another hiscore.dat file for the mames that support it,

this release has a few playstation hardware games in it like tekken etc... along with various clones up to the latest mame release.

enjoy :0)


Another hiscore.dat release, plenty of the new spanish clones included, as well as a few fixes.


Released another hiscore.dat, at last ! Plenty of clones etc in there...


Released another hiscore.dat, a fair few additions/renamed roms etc...


Released another hiscore.dat that has had all the new game clones renamed as of mame version 0.133u1 and onwards. also in the hiscoredat.zip file is a pre mame 0.133u1 .dat file called hiscore(pre_mame0133u1) use this dat file if you use an older versions of mame (pre mame v.0.133u1) before the name changes. this file must be renamed from hiscore(pre_mame0133u1).dat to hiscore.dat

Its worth noting that due to the mamedevs renaming the 900+ clones in the latest mame releases that many .hi files will have to be renamed to their new names if you want your old hiscores to work.


Released another hiscore.dat, also decided to add a build of mame with hiscore support added to it. The full source code is also available.Thanks to MKCHAMP for making this build possible.Check out the Download page.


Released another hiscore.dat with many additions (up to mame 0.129)


Released the latest hiscore.dat (AT LAST !!) check out the Download section.


Released the latest hiscore.dat check out the Download section.


Released hiscore.dat version 0.107, many,many new Additions this time and quite a lot of fixed hiscores so you need to delete your old .hi files with the hiscores marked * in the additions page.




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