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GAMES WITH AN ASTERISK * will need their old .hi files deleting before using the latest hiscore.dat file (THEY HAVE BEEN RE-ADDED TO THE HISCORE DAT FILE BECAUSE THEY NOW NEED TO SAVE EXTRA DATA).And possibly their nvram file too!

From now on (24.04.2009) read the hiscore.dat using wordpad or simular program to see whats been added to the hiscore.dat


added :-

 Too many to mention again – mostly clones.


added :-

Too many to mention !!


added :-

From this day on the hiscore.dat will not be updated as often as it used to be, in future updates, to find out what games have been added open up the hiscore.dat in a text editor like wordpad or notepad to see the latest additions.



added :-

Battle Bubble (v2.00)

Bonze Adventure (us)

Bonze Adventure (World, Older)

Fantasia II (set 2, less explicit)

Pang Pang


wardner (japan)*


Ms. Pac-Man (bootleg, (encrypted))


Carrier Air Wing (World 901009)


Billiard Academy Real Break (Korea)

Amidar (Bootleg)

The Pit (Bootleg)

Up Scope

Double Dragon (World Set 2)

double dragon (world set 1)

Knuckle Bash 2 (bootleg)

Night Slashers (Over Sea Rev 1.2)

pro baseball skill tryout (japan)

don den lover vol.1 (hong Kong)

005 (fixed)*

monster bash (2 board version) (fixed) *

monster bash (fixed) *

space odessy (fixed) *

Mad Alien (Highway Chase)

Daikaiju no Gyakushu

turtle ship (japan)


free kick (bootleg)


tempest (rev ?) *

tempest tubes *

tempest (rev 2) *

tempest (rev 1) *

tempest (rev 3) *

pop n pop (ver 2.07j 1998/02/09)

pop n pop (ver 2.07a 1998/02/09)

super bobble bobble *



added :-

mvp (set 2, japan,fd1094 317-0142)

mvp (set 1, us,fd1094 317-0143)

Ikari III - The Rescue (Normal Joystick)

Space Harrier (8751 317-0063?)

thunder cross (set 2)

thunder cross (set 3)

The Lost Castle In Darkmist

Burning Force (Japan old version)

Super Glob (Pac-Man hardware)

Super Glob (Pac-Man hardware)german

super glob*

beastie feastie

the glob *(earlier)

the glob*

the glob (pac-man hardware)

the glob (set 3)

Agress (English bootleg)

Bomb Kick

Tokio / Scramble Formation (us)

Tokio / Scramble Formation

dragon breed (m72 pcb version)

Dragon Breed (M81 pcb version)

outzone (set 4)

Pollux (set 3)

pollux (set 2)

hatch catch

multi champ (korea)

circus charlie (no level select)*

Do! Run Run (Do's Castle hardware, set 1)

Do! Run Run (Do's Castle hardware, set 2)

Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa (ver ua)

Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa (ver AA)

News (set 2)

Slap Fight (bootleg)

Star Fighter

Final Fight (US 900613)

River Patrol (Orca)

toppy & rappy

Ninja Kazan (World)

Eyes (Zaccaria)



added :-

Thunder Strike (older)

Thunder Strike (Newer)

Super Star Battle

Gouketsuji Ichizoku Saikyou Densetsu (Japan)

Power Instinct Legends (USA)

gouketsuji ichizoku(japan, bootleg)

night slashers (japan rev 1.2)

night slashers (korea rev 1.3)

heavy smash (japan version -2)

avengers in galactic storm (japan)

avengers in galactic storm (us)

shuttle invader

air attack

alien 3: the gun (us)

Magical Crystals (World, 91/12/10)

Rock'n Tread 2 (Japan, bootleg)

Rock'n 3 (Japan, bootleg)

Rock'n 4 (Japan, prototype, bootleg)

Rock'n Tread 1 (Japan, bootleg)

Rock'n Tread (Japan)

Twin Action

Rock'n MegaSession (Japan, bootleg)

joust (solid green label)

joust (solid red label)

Demon's World / Horror Story (first edition)

demon`s world/horror story (taito licence)

backfire! (set 2)


skull fang (japan)

thunder hoop (ver.1)

Cat and Mouse (set 1)

Space Intruder (Japan)

panic road


laser battle

joust (white/green label)

joust 2 - survival of the fittest (set 1)

the pit (centuri)

Miss Mister World '96 Nude



added :-

zig zag (galaxian hardware, set 2)

zig zag (galaxian hardware, set 1)

Knight Boy

Billiard Academy Real Break (japan)

Stack Columns (japan)

Virtua Bowling (Japan, V100JCM)

splatter house (japan)

Kageki (World?, hack)

Wonder Boy (system 2)

Funky Jet (Japan)

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes (us 980123)

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes (hispanic 980123)

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes (asia 980112)

power balls (super slam conversion)

Arabian Fight (us)

Multi Champ Deluxe (ver. 1126, 26/11/1999)

time pilot '84 (set 3)

time pilot '84 (set 2)

Mad Ball V2.0

Out Zone (set 3)

power instinct (usa, bootleg set 2)

power instinct (usa, bootleg set 1)

super model



added :-

final fight (japan 900305)

Final Crash (World, bootleg)

Egg Hunt

Power Balls

Water Balls

Zip & Zip

Bonanza Bros (Japan, Floppy DS3-5000-07b)

The Ninja Kids (Japan)

The Ninja Kids (US)

Metal Saver

Puzz Loop (Korea)

Puzz Loop (Japan)

Batsugun (set 2)

Kosmo Killer

match it

Splash! (Ver. 1.0 World)

Wonder Stick

Raimais (japan)

Metamorphic Force (ver uaa)

Metamorphic Force (ver jaa)

martial champion (ver eaa)

rohga armour force (asia/europe v3.0 set 2)

rohga armour force (asia/europe v3.0 set 1)

Tricky Doc (Set 2)

Vandyke (Jaleco, Set 2)

Vandyke (Jaleco, Set 1)

varth - operation thunderstorm (world 920612)



added :-

Vautour (set 2)

Vautour (set 1-jeutel france)

sanrin san chan (japan)


metal slug 2 *

metal slug x *

Plotting (US)

Master of Weapon (US)

Sunset Riders (4 Players ver EAA)

Tetris (Japan, System E)

vs. gumshoe

vs block breaker (asia)

vs. gong fight

vs. excitebike (japan)

vs. freedom force

vs. gradius

vs. ice climber (japan)

vs. ice climber dual (japan)

vs. mach rider(japan,fighting cource version)

vs. mighty bomb jack (japan)

vs. ninja jajamaru kun (japan)

sar - search and rescue (japan)

vs. pinball (japan)

donkey kong jr. (moon cresta hardware) *

donkey kong jr. (japan) *

donkey kong jr. (bootleg) *

donkey kong jr. (us) *

donkey kong jr. (japan?) *

donkey kong jr. (bootleg?) *

vs. raid on bungeling bay (japan)

Eliminator (4 Players, prototype)

Eliminator (2 Players, cocktail)

Indian Battle

Jolly Jogger

World Beach Volley (set 2)

Frogger (Falcon bootleg)

1000 Miglia: Great 1000 Miles Rally (94/06/13)

gouketsuji ichizoku 2 (japan)

Crack Down (Japan, FD1094 317-0058-04b)





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