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Welcome to the Unofficial Hiscore.dat page, this page will be updated regularly with new hiscore submissions so you all don`t have to wait for the official highscore.dat release.

Hiscore.dat is a complimentary file to help Mame in saving high scores.
Most Mame games save their high scores by default, but over 2500 games
do not save their high scores.

The Hiscore.dat file tells Mame some additional information and how to read and store the high scores using the /hi directory instead of /nvram.

*keep those hiscore requests coming in, mail me at the bottom of this page*


If you have any Requests, Comments or Questions then don`t hesitate to email me (Leezer).Please make sure the email subject is 'hiscore' or the email will likely get deleted as spam.

At :-